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Version of m:Template:xpd (backlinks, edit) with two parameters:

  • the template, or the parser function with colon and part after the colon
  • one (additional) parameter


"{{t1|Шаблон:Xpd/w}}" gives "Шаблон:T1" [1]

"{{#ifexpr:2<3|Шаблон:Xpd/w}}" gives "pqr" [2]

"{{1x|Шаблон:Xpd/w}}" gives "Шаблон:1x" [3]

The latter result can be improved by applying substitution and putting nowiki tags around the parameter of "1x":

{{1x|[[Help:L{{tc}}k]]|}} gives Шаблон:1x

Named parameters are not supported. Neither are equals signs in parameter values.

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