Setenta Con Setenta

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Setenta Con Setenta
Англ.аналог: (English)

Seventy with Seventy

Тип элемента: (Type)


Уровень: (Level)

Advanced level

Разновидность: (Style)

Rueda de Cuba, Rueda de Miami

Позиции: (Position)

Posición Abierta

Руэда: (Rueda)


Тактов: (Beats)


Синонимы: (Synonims)

Setenta En Setenta

Родственные: (Relatives)


Setenta Con Setenta - Описание


Start with a count of Setenta. On the 2nd count, leader raises the right arm as high as possible, and leads the follower to go under it, to the right (this takes a whole count). On the 3rd count, walk in circular motion. On the 4th count, leader goes down on one knee, raising both hands above the head, letting the follower (important! Follower must continue going in circular motion at all times!) pass to the right of the leader, on 1-2-3-4. After the follower had passed, which should be on 5-6, the leader goes back up on 7-8, and the couple ends up in Setenta position. On the 5th count, perform an Enchufla.