Pa'ti Pa'me

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Pa'ti Pa'me
Рус.перевод: (Russian)

Мне и тебе

Англ.аналог: (English)

To me and to you

Тип элемента: (Type)


Уровень: (Level)

Juniors level

Разновидность: (Style)

Rueda de Cuba, Rueda de Miami

Позиции: (Position)

Posición Abierta

Знак: (Sign)

Pointing at the caller's mate and then on himself.

Руэда: (Rueda)


Тактов: (Beats)


Pa'ti Pa'me - Описание
1: 1..8

This move is almost an exact copy of Enchufla Complicado. The only difference between the two is that during this move, you let go of both hands after the 1-2-3 of the 1st count. The steps of the feet are the same.

2: 9..16