Dedo Complicado

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El Dedo Complicado
Англ.аналог: (English)

The complicated finger

Тип элемента: (Type)


Уровень: (Level)

Advanced level

Разновидность: (Style)

Rueda de Cuba, Rueda de Miami

Позиции: (Position)

Posición Abierta

Знак: (Sign)

Pointing with the pinky upwards followed by spining a finger near the head like a madman.

Тактов: (Beats)8x?
Dedo Complicado - Описание

Описание: Start with a Vacilala while you are in the right to right hold. Leaders turn left while the followers perform Vacilala. On 5-6-7 of the 1st count, perform an Alarde, while switching places. On 1-2-3 of the 2nd count, perform an Enchufla Con Vuelta, with the Vuelta performed like in Evelyn. The 3rd count is an Enchufla.

Количество тактов: 8x3 + DQN