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Рус.перевод: (Russian)


Англ.аналог: (English)


Тип элемента: (Type)


Уровень: (Level)

Advanced level

Разновидность: (Style)

Rueda de Cuba,Rueda de Miami

Позиции: (Position)

Posición Abierta

Руэда: (Rueda)


Тактов: (Beats)


Avioneta - Описание
1: 1..8

Start with a Lento on 1-2-3 with right to right hands. On 5-6-7, while switching places, the leader goes down and performs ½ a left turn under the followers right arm, giving the follower Contra for another Lento on 7 once again in right to right hand hold.

2: 9..16

The 2nd count starts with a Lento as well, but this time the leader turns left on 5-6-7, with the right hand staying on the neck. From here,

3: 17..24

the 3rd count is much like Siete Moderno, the leader turns left, moving the follower to the right with the left hand and drop the hold to perform a 1.5 traveling right turn, while switching places, and perform a Vuelta on 5-6-7.