Vacilala Entrada

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Vacilala Entrada
Рус.перевод: (Russian)

Посмотри на нее, когда она заходит

Англ.аналог: (English)

Look at her while she enter

Тип элемента: (Type)


Уровень: (Level)

Intermediate level

Разновидность: (Style)

Rueda de Cuba, Rueda de Miami

Позиции: (Position)

Posición Abierta

Знак: (Sign)

Pointing with the finger below the right eye.

Руэда: (Rueda)


Тактов: (Beats)


Vacilala Entrada - Описание
1: 1..8

Start the move like a Vacilala on 1-2-3 of the 1st count. On 5-6-7 of the 1st count, followers step in place, and leaders make 3 small steps towards the Center of the Rueda.

2: 9..16

On 1-2-3 of the 2nd count leaders perform Hombres Derecha, and on 5-6-7 followers perform Mujeres Derecha.

3: 17..24

The 3rd count is a Dile Que No.